Catan Championships 2024, Sheffield

Catan Championships 2024, Sheffield

catan championships 2024 sheffield
Date and time
Entry fee

We welcome you to take part in the Catan Championships in Sheffield! Earn your right to take your Catan game to the next level, and play at the National Championships, UKGE, Birmingham.

Doors Open 10:00
Registration 10:00
Player Meeting 10:30
Pairings Link Best Coast Pairing


Prize Structure

1 CATAN Shop discount cards

Top 16
1 CATAN–The Helpers “Leader of the Flock” cards

Top 4
1 Set of fuzzy game pieces
1 Summer CATAN Hexes™ tile set

1 Wood Catanimal enamel pin
Eligibility to play at the National Championships at UK Games Expo; where you could win yourself a trip to the World Championships!