Digimon Spring Break Tournament

Digimon Spring Break Tournament

Date and time
Entry fee

Join us for a special Spring Break event for a twist on your deck building!

In this event, tamers will be battling with Digimon in green only decks. Restrictions are;

  • Single colour cards must be green
  • Multicolour cards must have green as one of their colours to be premitted
  • These rules apply to all Digi-eggs, Tamers and Option cards

Doors Open 10:00
Registration 11:30
Player Meeting 12:00
Format Best-of-1, Swiss


Prize Structure

1 Digimon Booster
1 Participation Pack containing "Terriermon EX04-032", "Lopmon EX04-034" and "Henry Wong & Shu-Chong Wong EX04-063"

1 Winner Card (Special Foil) "Double Typhoon ST17-11"