Lorcana Wednesday Practice Sessions

Lorcana Wednesday Practice Sessions

lorcana wednesday practice sessions
Date and time
Entry fee

We've listened to community feedback, and for the next month at least, we're trialling our week day events for Lorcana on Wednesdays!

If you're entered into our league, you'll be able to earn points as usual on a Wednesday too!
Each week of the league starts on the Saturday before the weekday events.

Registration Starts 18:15
Player Meeting 18:45
Format Core Constructed, Best-of-Three.

  • Sign up for a League "Round" - 1 Point each week you attend
  • Win a Best-of-Three Match - 2 Points
  • Lose a Best-of-Three match - 1 Point
  • Teach someone new in-store - 2 Points
  • Bring someone new that enters the league - 1 Point to both players
  • Wear something with your favourite Disney character - 1 Point
    Bonus Point for full cosplay
  • Player recommendation let us know about a friendly experience with another player! - 1 Point
  • Complete a trade - 1 Point max 1 per week

Prize Structure

1 Lorcana booster of your choice

Top heavy Prizing
1 Lorcana booster per 4 players in the event will be added to the prize pool