Netrunner UK National Championships 2023

Netrunner UK National Championships 2023

netrunner uk national championships 2023
Date and time
Entry fee

We loved the atmosphere so much, we're hosting the UK National Championships once again for 2023!

There is no longer a World Championships bye up for grabs for the winner, but our champion will receive free entry to the next World Championships!


Day One (Saturday)

Main Event - Day One

Decklists Required, and submitted on paper
Format Standard, 65-Minute rounds. Number of rounds and size of top cut will be determined by final number of players in the event. We will not be using optional tiebreak rounds. Top Cut will be played out on Day Two (See below)
Doors Open 09:00
Registration Starts 09:15
Player Meeting 10:00

Printed proxies and alt arts are allowed as long as they are legible, approved by the TO before the event begins, in good taste, and indistinguishable from other cards when sleeved. If you do not have access to a printer, then please contact the TO (Paul Gillibrand) at least 2 days before the event and he will help with proxy printing.



Day Two (Sunday)

Main Event - Top Cut

Format Standard
Doors Open 10:00
Registration Starts 10:15
Player Meeting 10:30


Side Events
Side events will also start at 10:45 and entry is included in the main event ticket price. For the Ciara Maxey memorial Classique event, an optional donation can be made to Gendered Intelligence (read about their work at

Startup Event
Format Startup
4 Rounds of Swiss using the startup format

Prize Structure

3x Alternate-art Liberated Account (art by Kira L Nguyen)

Top 4 per Pod
Plastic Quetzal OR Plastic Ayla ID (art by Benjamin Giletti)

Winner of Pod
Always Have A Backup Plan playmat (art by Olie Boldador)


Ciara Maxey Memorial Event
Format Classique
Pods of 4 rounds of swiss playing fixed match-ups of classic decks from the past. More details to follow.

Prize Structure

3x Alternate-art Pelangi (art by Scott Using)

Top 4 per Pod
Plastic Hoshiko (art by Luminita Pham) OR plastic Steve Cambridge ID (art by Benjamin Giletti)

Winner of Pod
Tollbooth playmat (art by N. Hopkins) OR Rezeki playmat (art by Jakuza)



Main Event Prize Structure

More prizes to be announced

1 UK Nationals-Exclusive alt-art card (TBA)

Top 64
3 Anoetic Void Promotional Cards

Top 32
3 Engolo Promotional Cards

Top 2 of Each Faction
Faction-Specific Enamel Pin

Top 8
Hush Artwork Playmat

Invitation to the Circuit Breaker Invitational Championship
2023 World Championship Ticket (If you have paid for a ticket already, this will be refunded to you)
This will be eligible for use at EITHER the US 2024 Worlds, or the EU 2025 Worlds.
National Champion Plaque