30th Celebration One Piece Monthly Bounty Battle

30th Celebration One Piece Monthly Bounty Battle

30th Celebration One Piece Bounty Battle
Date and time
Entry fee

For 30 years, Patriot Games has been the heart of tabletop gaming in Sheffield - and we've no intention to stop any time soon!

We've been though a lot of changes over the years, and we'll be celebrating every step of the way across this weekend!

Increase your bounty, and travel the seas! 

Doors Open 10:00
Registration Starts 10:30
Player Meeting 11:00
Format Best-of-One Swiss, with Best-of-Three Top Cut (17 players+)
Bounty Holder Nathan James


Prize Structure

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1 One Piece booster
1 Tournament Pack Newest where available

Top Heavy Prizing
1 One Piece booster per payer in the event

Top 8
1 Set of Shanks Don Sleeves

Top 4
1 Additional One Piece boosters
1 Set of Luffy Don Sleeves

Random Prizes
2 Sets of Luffy Don Sleeves

1 2-Player Official Playmat
1 Winner Tournament Pack Newest where possible
At least 1 Previous Winner Tournament Pack

The winner of this monthly event will earn a bounty. At the following Monthly ONLY, they'll need to protect that bounty! Each of their matches will have a random tournament pack on the line. 
If the bounty holder does not attend the following monthly, their bounty will reduce by one.

Should the same person win a consecutive event, their bounty will increase, and wins against them will reward 2 random Tournament Packs in the event following. etc.