30th Celebration Hobby League

30th Celebration Hobby League

30th celebration yugioh hobby league
Date and time
Entry fee

For 30 years, Patriot Games has been the heart of tabletop gaming in Sheffield - and we've no intention to stop any time soon!

We've been though a lot of changes over the years, and we'll be celebrating every step of the way across this weekend!


Our ever popular Hobby League continues week-on-week!

This is the perfect, local-level event to test out your first deck, home brews decks or even your competitive decks

Can you be the best duellist in Sheffield? (at least for a week!)

Doors Open 10:00
Registration 11:30
Player Meeting 12:00
Format Constructed Advanced


Prize Structure

2 OTS Diamond Purple Deck boxes will be added to prizes for this event. Distributed as follows:

  • 1 to the winner
  • 1 at random

We will also be adding a random field centre as participation!

1 OTS promotional pack (newest where possible)

Top-Heavy Prizing
Half a standard-price booster per player in the pool