30th Celebration Friday Night Magic

30th Celebration Friday Night Magic

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For 30 years, Patriot Games has been the heart of tabletop gaming in Sheffield - and we've no intention to stop any time soon!

We've been though a lot of changes over the years, and we'll be celebrating every step of the way across this weekend!

Since Wizards of the Coast had their 30th anniversary fairly recently, it's only fitting that we distribute some of the 30th Anniversary collections we have! Everyone who pays and plays in one of our events this weekend will receive a random card from the 30th Anniversary set!

Friday Night is the perfect time to join like-minded players, meet new friends and play together!

We strive on offering a friendly, welcoming environment for everyone!

You can always play for free, outside of the events too!



Relaxed Prizing Events - £5 entry
Standard Guaranteed promo pack as participation

Competitive Prizing Events - £8.50 entry

Draft Events - £18 entry
Murder at Karlov Manor Draft
This event can be hosted as a casual event, if the whole pod agrees, or if you bring your own pod.


Prize Structure

In addition to normal prizing, everyone who pays to enter, and plays at least one round will receive:

  • 1 Random 30th Anniversary Edition card
    Including 2 Tundras, amongst other goodies!
  • 1 Random, recent promotional card

Relaxed Prizing
1 Patriot Token*

Competitive Prizing
1 Patriot Token*

Top-Heavy Prizing
1 Patriot Token* per player added to the prize pool


*Patriot Tokens are our way of giving you more choice with your prizes! You can trade each Patriot Token for :

3 Tokens for 2 Play Boosters or 2 Set Boosters (while stock lasts)


1 Standard Draft booster


£3.50 towards any Magic-branded products in-store


£3.00 towards any other products in-store


£1.50 towards tournament entries