Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Championships : Season 3 (04/03/23)

Event Information

Date : Saturday 4th March 2023

Registration : 09:30

Player Meeting : 10:30

Tier : 2 - Official judges will be present at this event, and decklists will be required.

Please provide us with your Konami ID number.

Join us in Sheffield for Season 3 of the OTS Championships!

"What will I need?"

Purchase a ticket. We may not be able to offer spaces on the door.

Your deck. Make sure this is legal, as per the most recent Banned & Restricted list. (13/2/2023)

A complete decklist. Make sure this reflects the deck you bring with you

Something to track life totals. Preferably pen & paper.

Sleeves. These must be unmarked, to ensure cards can't be recognised in any way.

Prize Structure


4 Core booster packs from recent sets

Top-heavy Prizing

2 Core booster packs from recent sets distributed across the top placing players

Based on number of attendees, we will post a prize breakdown early on in the event

Top 4

1 Invite to WCQ EU Championships These do not pass down


1 Event-exclusive playmat


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