Vault of Magic Pocket Edition (5E)

The wizard peered through the hole in the tunnel wall and into the darkness of the ancient vaultbeyond. She murmured a few arcane words, searching for any telltale magical auras.

Then she gasped.

"What is it?" the warrior demanded, holding the lantern and trying to look over her shoulder."What do you see?"

"Something... wondrous!"

Inside Vault of Magic Pocket Edition, you'll find a vast treasure trove of enchanted items of every imaginableuse—more than 900 in all! There are plenty of armors, weapons, potions, rings, and wands, butthat's just for starters. From mirrors to masks, edibles to earrings, and lanterns to lockets, it's allhere, ready for you to use in your 5th Edition game.

This 256-page volume includes:

  • More than 30 unique items developed by special guests, including Patrick Rothfuss, GailSimone, Deborah Ann Woll, and Luke Gygax
  • Fabled items that grow in power as characters rise in levels
  • New item themes, such as monster-inspired, clockwork, and apprentice wizards
  • Hundreds of full-color illustrations
  • Complete treasure-generation tables sorted by rarity

Amaze and delight your players and spice up your 5th Edition campaign with fresh, newenchanted items from Vault of Magic. It'll turn that next treasure hoard into something...wondrous!


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