Netrunner : Game Night Kit : January (21/01/23)

Event Date : 21st January 2023

Registration Opens : 11:00

Start Time : 11:30

Event Location : 97 Mary Street, Sheffield, S1 4RT

Happy new year runners, or should we say happy new-tral year? In celebration of the first standard-legal neutral IDs in the history of the game, we’re running a very special January GNK. We’ll be following the standard format and latest ban list but with one significant exception: the only legal IDs will be the two neutral IDs (Nova Initiumia and Ampère) introduced in Parhelion! Given their… interesting… deck-building requirements, this should make for a very interesting and fun tournament. This will be a super-casual event with likely 4 rounds of swiss and prizes for everybody.

Prize Support


A pick of a playset from 'paulyg’s' pile of promos

Top 16

Choice of startup prize (numbers of each limited) 

  • Jailbreak full-bleed x3
  • Send A Message full-bleed x3
  • T?o Salonga / Zahya Sadeghi ID
  • Precision Design / Built to Last ID

Top 8

3x Chastushka full-bleed cards (art by Adam S. Doyle)

Top 4

3x Formicary alt-art cards (art by Scott Uminga)


Limited edition Orca playmat


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