My Hero Academia CCG : Monthly Class Trip (29/01/23)

Event Date : 29th January 2023

Time for our next Class Trip!

Brewed a new build for your favourite character? Getting some more games under the belt of the old faithful? Put your skills to the test at our monthly events!

Event Tier : LGS

Event Location : 97 Mary Street, Sheffield, S1 4RT

Doors Open : 10:30

Event Starts : 11:00

Sign up via the My Hero Academia WebApp :

(this is how you'll earn your loyalty points for redemption)

- 50 points for participating

Prize Support


1 MHA booster to each player

1 Plus Ultra promotional pack to each player

Top-heavy prizing

1 MHA booster per player into the prize pool

Winner, and players at x-1

1 Victory promotional pack 


1 Chibi Masters MHA mini figure

Additional prize support may be added, based on attendance.


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