MHA : Provisional Store Championship (18/06/23)

Event Information

Date : 18th June 2023

Registration Starts : 10:15

Provisional Store Championship events run in local game stores each competitive season, providing opportunities worldwide to test your mettle, win exclusive Foil Promo cards and earn your qualification to compete in any of our Pro Hero National events!

Welcome 2023 with the new season of Provisional Store Championships events!

Join us in Sheffield for our first of three this season!

Prize Support


2 Plus Ultra (Series 4)

1 of each foil promotional card

First Place

3 Random foil promotional cards 

Invite to European Nationals

Second Place

2 Random foil promotional cards

Third & Fourth Place

1 Random foil promotional card

Top-heavy Prizing

2 My Hero Academia boosters added to the prize pool per player in the event.


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