Unison Warrior 06 : Prerelease @ Home : Saiyan Showdown

This item is capped at 2 per player, any ordered over this, and without an ID in the "Notes" for each player will be refunded

The 6th set in the Unison Warrior Series! 

Take part in our "Prerelease @ Home" event, and ensure you can get your hands on the event promotional materials!

Unfortunately, due to the logistics delays, we'll be unable to host this as an in-person event once again. We wanted to make sure that our community are still able to get their hands on the promos from these events



6 "Unison Warriors 06 - Saiyan Showdown" boosters

1 [Foil] SS3 Nappa, Golden Invader card

1 [Foil] Raditz, Brotherly Revival card

1 Prerelease pack (2 cards)

A chance to receive an additional set of Gold foil promotional cards!


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