My Hero Academia CCG : Midoriya vs Bakugo : Rival Decks

Get Ready to suit up with My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Series 1! With over 144 cards to collect - what Hero or Villain will you take into BATTLE!?

Izuku Midoriya is the chosen successor of his idol All Might, the world’s Number 1 Hero, who passed his Quirk “One for All” to the quirkless Midoriya by letting him eat a strand of hair. After training hard with All Might to condition his body to handle his inherited ability, Midoriya joined U.A. High where he began to grow and take his first steps as a Hero. Midoriya’s gifted Quirk, when used at full power, allows him to unleash an incredibly devastating burst of strength. As the intensity of One for All is damaging to his own body, Midoriya prepares for this by using his advanced analytical skills prior to confronting his opponents. Clever players will be able to utilize One for All at just the right time to ensure Midoriya is victorious!

Katsuki Bakugo is determined and driven to be the Number 1 Hero! Bakugo’s Quirk, Explosion, allows him to ignite his explosive sweat on command, granting him incredible offensive might. Bakugo is always on the attack, as the more he exerts himself, the more he sweats, granting him even more powerful explosive abilities. While playing as Bakugo, players will unleash a continuous barrage of strikes, overwhelming their opponents with explosive power!


2x 51-Card decks

2x Random Ultra Rares from the main set


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