Brothers War : Gift Bundle Edition

Reinvent the Past. Retake the Future 

The Brothers' War is the epic retelling of the most consequential event in the Multiverse. This far-reaching epic event sets in motion nearly all that Magic is today, including being the catalyst for unleashing the greatest evil Magic has ever known - the Phyrexians.

Set boosters contain (one of which will be a foil card) :

  • 1 Art card (10% chance of being signed/stamped)
  • 1 Token/Ad card OR Card from "The List" (25% chance)
  • 1-5 Rare/Mythic cards
  • 3-7 Uncommon cards
  • 3-6 Common Cards
  • 1 Land Card 


1 Traditional Foil Transformers Mythic Rare card

8 The Brothers' War Set Boosters

40 basic lands (20 traditional foils and 20 nonfoils)

1 traditional foil alternate-art promo card

1 exclusive oversized Spindown life counter

1 special Gift Edition foil card storage box

2 reference cards.


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