The Taverns of Tiefenthal : Open Doors!

Use the 4 brand-new modules in this game expansion to add a wine cellar and guest rooms to your tavern! With their special abilities, bartenders will influence you game stratergy, and lot of bribes generous rewards await - as promoised - if you hep the mayoress to transform "her" Tiefenthal into a haven for tourists.


84 Card (36 Nobles, 18 Quack Doctors, 18 Sommerliers, 12 new Guests)
4 Guest Rooms
4 Wine Cellars
8 Bartenders Tiles
4 Roofs
4 Resevervation Markers
1 Reputation Track
1 Guestbook
12 Order Markers
12 Order Tiles
2 Scroll Bars
8 Wine Markers


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