Siege Storm : Siege Mode

SiegeStorm is deck building game, where you can create your own style of playing and build deck around it. You will be able to execute powerful combos that can win you a game in a very exciting way! You have just 1 card type, simple and intuitive concept of moving tracks and overall skeleton of the game.

Easy to learn, does not mean easy to play, now does it? In SiegeStorm you will face tons of hard tactical choices, since you can play every cards in 3 ways from you hand:

  • Sacrifice it for mana
  • Use its as action
  • Deploy it on track

When the card will reach your enemy, you will also need to make a decision - weather to keep the card's passive, storm with it (deal dmg and use its action) or add it as supporter that will build your mana pool. Combos and possibilities and endless! There are also special AI decks, that makes playing solo as well as 2 player co-op possible. This is a perfect place to practice your skills and have a lot of fun trying to defeat various bosses, each with different skills and decks.


156 Smaller cards

  • 54 Ysera cards
  • 54 Khung'Lai
  • 24 Evil goblins
  • 24 Spectral shamans

3 Larger cards

  • 3 Boss cards

15 Gang tokens

13 Spirit tokens

4 Battlezone boards

1 Reserve token

1 Menace token

1 Boss board

1 Life meter

1 Rulebook

£38.99 £31.00

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