You lead a guild striving to dominate the market for illegal goods in the Sprawl, a city rich in history and lawlessness. Recruit and task an army of agents, racketeers, spymasters and others to build your reputation by selling your goods and causing chaos for your rivals. Through a light deck building mechanism you attempt to create the strongest network of agents, racketeers and the most desirable black market goods. Winners and losers are determined by a fun, yet sophisticated, supply & demand mechanic.

Plunderbund combines the innate corruption and profiteering of prohibition Chicago and the lawlessness of the fantasy setting, the Sprawl.

It's an era before cell phones, e-commerce and customer relationship management tools, an honest guild had to get business the hard way: thieving, sorcery, money laundering and bribery.

Plunderbund is your chance to lead your guild to fame, fortune or disaster as you navigate the whims of the notoriously picky Sprawl consumer and deal with underhanded tactics from rivals determined to steal your business.


1 Two-sided game board

5 Player mats

8/PLYR Starter deck

80 Favor deck

12 Agent deck

39 Recruit deck

40 Agent figures

25 Racketeer figures

100 Demand coins

35 Players cubes

100 Supply cubes

5 Start player tokens

10 Closed merchants

1 Cloth bag

1 Soul gem round marker

2 Card tuck boxes

£58.99 £50.00

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