Coloma is the town where an unexpected event happened that shaped history of the Western Frontier. In the winter of 1848 a man building a sawmill on the South Fork of the American River spotted some bright nuggets in the tail race waters below. Sure enough, it was gold! Though he tried to keep his discovery a secret, word spread quickly and it triggered the California Gold Rush of ‘49.

Thousands of people arrived from far and wide, making Coloma one of the fastest growing boom towns in the country. Claims were staked, camps and makeshift homes were built, and hotels and saloons sprung up almost overnight. Everyone wanted their cut of the land’s wealth. For many it was Coloma or Bust!

In the game of Coloma, you are a pioneer who has recently travelled out West to strike it rich and make a name for yourself. You will prospect for gold and use your windfalls to recruit workers, rustle up horses, and establish businesses. You will also get opportunities to explore the surrounding river ways and frontier lands. But alas! You are not alone—every other pioneer seems to have gotten the same idea! Therefore, it will take extra cunning tactics on your part to not go Bust with the rest of them…


1 Main Board
5 Player Boards
1 Barker Tile
1 Bust Tile
18 Bridge Tiles
20 River Tiles
5 Selector Dials
First Player Marker
20 Horses
24 Barrels
40 Coins
1 Round Marker
5 Score Markers
5 Pioneers
30 Gold Cubes
76 Dudes
40 Tents
5 Wagons
80 Town Cards
10 Hotels
1 Buster Pioneer
5 Buster Cards

£68.99 £53.00

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