Arkham Horror : The Blob that Ate Everything

Just beyond the edge of the town of Blackwater, something unnatural has gone out of control. After a strange meteor made impact, the town was placed under lockdown by a shadowy government agency—no one was allowed to leave, and only a few select investigators were allowed to enter. That is, until the thing hatched. Time is running out for the investigators as all hell breaks loose in Blackwater. Even as the anomaly continues to grow and devour everything in its path, the quarantine is still strictly enforced. The only way you’re getting out alive is if you can find a way to kill it… if such a thing is even possible.

Today, we meet with designer Matt Newman to discuss The Blob That Ate Everything, the massive new scenario that took over Gen Con 2019 and is coming to a retailer near you in just a few months.

The Blob that Ate Everything is a love letter to the B horror films of the 1930s–1950s. We love the over-the-top nature of these films that are often cantered around a titular foe of strange origin that threatens life as we know it. In this scenario, the players still split into groups of one to four investigators, each with their own play area and encounter deck. However, there are several elements of the scenario which are shared across all of the groups, each of which are managed by an event organizer. Most important of these elements is the health of the scenario’s boss entity, Subject 8L-08 (The Blob that Ate Everything, 37). 

Unlike The Labyrinths of Lunacy, your objective is laid out clearly before you, and you are allowed to communicate fully with the other groups at the event. You aren’t missing pieces of the puzzle which only other groups can provide. You don’t have to wait for other groups to finish a game round or an agenda before proceeding, and you aren’t only interacting with two other groups at a time. Instead, you must rely on each and every other investigator at the event, using teamwork and coordination in order to overcome a creature unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Subject 8L-08 isn’t just an enemy; it’s the scenario itself. The treachery cards are things the blob is doing. The enemies are pieces of the blob. The locations are, well, covered in the blob. It’s not just a single card that you are fighting—almost every encounter card represents a facet or a piece of the blob. And when we say it can eat anything, we mean anything. In fact, The Blob That Ate Everything even contains a table listing all of the possible things it can eat.


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