Lorcana League Second Chapter "Round Two"

Lorcana League Second Chapter "Round Two"

Lorcana Chapter Two Round Two league
Date and time
Entry fee

Embrace the magic of Disney's Lorcana, and join the Second Chapter League! Comprised of 3 "Rounds", each lasting 4 weeks - purchasing a League Pass will give you a whole four weeks of play!

Earn League Points by doing the following objectives (Max. 10 per week, 40 per "Round")

  • Sign up for a League "Round" - 1 Point each week you attend
  • Win a Best-of-Three Match - 2 Points
  • Lose a Best-of-Three match - 1 Point
  • Teach someone new in-store - 2 Points
  • Bring someone new that enters the league - 1 Point to both players
  • Wear something with your favourite Disney character - 1 Point
    Bonus Point for full cosplay
  • Player recommendation let us know about a friendly experience with another player! - 1 Point
  • Complete a trade - 1 Point max 1 per week

This league is designed as a casual, social play environment.

We'll be offering two way to play your games :

  1. Open Play (All Day, Starting from 10:00) Play matches with other players in your own time, telling us when you complete any of the above objectives
  2. Optional Structured Play (Starting at 11:45) We'll give you pairings, and track your match records for you! This will also be another way to grab an extra booster! We'll be giving the winner of this event a booster, and giving one away at random - at no extra charge!
    # of rounds will reflect attendance, to ensure a clear winner. However there is no obligation to play all of them.

Pass Cost £10
Pass Length 6th January - 27th January 2024
Weekly League Meet-Up Day Saturday


Prize Structure

On earning your first 3 Points
1x Cinderella, Knight in Training

Upon Earning your first 10 Points
1x Lorcana Booster

Players with at least 3 Points (end of round)
1x Random League promo (see below)

Top Two Players with the Most Points (end of round)
(Two drawn at random, if multiple)
Choice of two League promos (see below)
Choice of one pin (see below)

Random Prizing (end of round)
All remaining pins, not chosen above.

Any promos leftover from these rounds, will be handed out at the end of the league

Event-Exclusive Prizes per Round

  • 16x Minnie Mouse, Wide-Eyed Diver promo cards
  • 16x Bucky, Squirrel Squeak Tutor promo cards
  • 16x Robin Hood, Capable Fighter promo cards
  • 4x Winnie the Pooh, Hunny Wizard pins
  • 4x Rapunzel, Gifted Artist pins


Prize Structure (End of League)

Top 12 Players with the most League Points (over the 3 rounds)
1 Lorcana Lore Counter

Random Prizes (Anyone with at least 8 total points over the 3 rounds)
16 Disney Lorcana promotional pins (Green)
Any remaining promos from previous rounds