Infinity Steel City Skirmish (3)

Infinity Steel City Skirmish (3)

infinity steel city skirmish 25th November 2023
Date and time
Entry fee

Joins us for our third Steel City Skirmish! Step onto a futuristic battlefield and claim victory for yourself!

Doors Open 08:30
Registration 09:00
Round One 09:30
Format 300 Points ITS15


Prize Structure

This event will use the special edition ITS14 Tournament Pack

1 Event-exclusive Area of Effect template

Store Credit Prizing
1st Place £30 Voucher
2nd Place £20 Voucher
3rd Place £10 Voucher
Best Painted £10 Voucher

Sportsmanship (Player-Voted)
1 Playmat

Wooden Spoon (Last Place)
Free entry to our next Steel City Skirmish (TBA)