Magic the Gathering Commander Party

Magic the Gathering Commander Party

magic the gathering commander party
Date and time
Entry fee

Immerse yourself in the plane of Eldraine; allowing enchanted shenanigans to impact your gameplay!

All you will need to bring if your Commander deck; for this fun-format event!

Doors Open 10:00
Registration 12:00
Event Start 12:30
Format Commander
Each pod will receive a Storybook Play Aid, and a stack of 10 Story cards.
Once the first Commander spell has been cast, you'll be able to progress the story. Flip the first story card at this point. 

Each subsequent flip will be free (for the first one each turn), and following flips each turn will cost 1 generic mana. 


Prize Structure

1 Traditional-Foil, Old-Border "Syr Konrad, the Grim" Exclusive Promotional Card
1 PG Token*

More promotional items may be handed out on the day of the event


*PG Tokens can be redeemed for :

  • 1 Standard DRAFT booster OR
  • £3.50 towards any MTG-branded products or singles OR
  • £3.00 towards any other products in-store