Yu-Gi-Oh! Summer Cup

Yu-Gi-Oh! Summer Cup

yugioh summer cup thursdays
Date and time
Entry fee

The Summer cup returns to Thursdays!

This is the perfect, local-level event to test out your first deck, home brews decks or even your competitive decks

Can you be the best duellist in Sheffield? (at least for a week!)

Player Meeting 18:30

Format Constructed Advanced


Points breakdown as follows
Winner = # of rounds
2nd place = Half # of rounds (rounded up)
3rd & 4th place = 1 Additional Point
Participation = 1 Point


Prize Structure

1 OTS promotional pack (newest where possible)


Top-Heavy Prizing
One third of a standard-price booster per player in the pool


Summer Cup Prizing (To be distributed in September)
£1 from each ticket towards the final prize pool