Universus CCG Jet Burn Prerelease

Universus CCG Jet Burn Prerelease

Universus CCG Jet Burn prerelease
Date and time
Entry fee

Jet Burn is ready to blast into the Universus CCG - with new character such as Gentle Criminal, La Brava, Hawks and many more joining the fray!

This set looks at Endeavor's rise to becoming the #1 Hero; and all the events that occur because of this!

Doors Open 10:00
Registration 10:15
Player Meeting 11:00
Format Prerelease Draft
Each prerelease kit contains 6 Jet Burn boosters, and 1 XR or an Alternate Art character
Round Cap 4
Player Cap 32

Draft Format

  • You'll keep the foil card in your prerelease pack
  • You'll be paired into groups of 4-8 players
  • 40-Card minimum + Character
  • No resource chaining, but all cards must share at least one symbol with your starting character
  • No restriction on maximum number of copies of each card with the same name
  • When cycling your deck, remove 5 instead of 10
  • All players will be paired into the same event once the draft has finished


Prize Structure

1 Jet Burn Booster

Player(s) on 12 Points
3 Additional Jet Burn boosters

Player(s) on 10-11 Points
2 Additional Jet Burn boosters

Player(s) on 9 Points
1 Additional Jet Burn booster