Yu-Gi-Oh! Winter Cup

Yu-Gi-Oh! Winter Cup

yugioh winter cup 2023-2024
Date and time
Entry fee

The Winter Cup is back! Over the next few months, you'll accrue point that will populate an overall leader board of our Saturday and Thursday events!

A portion of your entries at each of our weekly events will be used to provide a large prize pool at the end of the Winter Cup - culminating in a top 16 or top 24 "finals" event!
Everyone in this "final" will receive prizes of some sort, with the winner becoming the Winter Champion for a whole year!

Starting next year, the Winter Champion will then have an opportunity to face off against the Summer Champion of 2024 for an undisclosed prize!


How will points work?
At the end of each event, we'll invert the standings! That means if 24 players enter, first place will receive 24 points, second 23 points, third 22 points and so on.
There will be some weeks that award additional points just for attending, such as Christmas Eve, New Years Eve etc. but these will be announced closer to their respective dates.

Player Meeting 12:00
Format Constructed Advanced


Weekly Prize Structure

1 OTS promotional pack (newest where possible)

Top-Heavy Prizing
1/3 of a standard-price booster per player in the pool


Winter Cup Prize Structure

£1 from every entry between the first and last Winter Cup event will be added to the overall prize pool. To be distributed across the "Finals" event in 2024. 

Prizes will include, but won't be limited to:

  • Boosters
  • Boxed/Tinned Sets
  • Free Event entries
  • Official playmats
  • Custom accessories