Netrunner President of Servers 2023

Netrunner President of Servers 2023

netrunner president of servers 2023
Date and time
Entry fee

To kick off the long weekend of nationals fun, we have a special team event! In this event, players compete in teams of 3, with each team-mate representing a different runner and corp faction, and team talk is encouraged so that you can call on the expertise of your friends or blame them when everything goes wrong. The winning team will have the honour of being President of Servers 2023!

To take part, you will need to put together a team of three. Each of you must bring a deck from a different corp faction and a different runner faction (this can include mini factions). If you have any questions about whether your combination of IDs is ok then please post a comment / contact the TO (Paul Gillibrand). 

(only one ticket is needed per team)

During the tournament, teams will be paired in four swiss rounds according to their total prestige (calculated as normal, i.e. 3 points per win). Teams will be seated together in prestige order and team talk is highly encouraged (rounds will be slightly longer to accommodate this).

Format Standard
Doors Open 10:00
Registration Starts 10:15
Player Meeting 11:00
Decklists Not Required

Printed proxies and alt arts are allowed as long as they are legible, approved by the TO before the event begins, in good taste, and indistinguishable from other cards when sleeved


Prize Structure

Faction die or mark die per person

Top 8 teams
Zahya + Tao + Loup double-sided avatar cards - 1 set per person (art by Ferenc Patkós)

Top 3 teams
President of Servers 2023 bronze, silver, or gold medals