Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 8 Blitz

Flesh and Blood Skirmish Season 8 Blitz

flesh and blood skirmish season 8
Date and time
Entry fee

Season 8 is upon us!

This is the Bright Lights season!
Metrix City, the bustling metropolis where ambition meets innovation, where the future of Rathe is reinvented daily in the research centers of its mighty conglomerates. Wannabe heroes flock to the bright lights of this big city, blinded by the neon signs flashing slogans that you too can “Become more than human!”

Registration 10:30
Player Meeting 11:15
Format Blitz, Best of One, 35-minute rounds
Swiss, with top cut (if necessary)
Gem Code Resilient Adder

Please make sure deck follows legality, as per Living Legend and the Banned/Suspended list


Prize Structure


1 Mechanical Strength (Extended Art Rainbow Foil)
Top 36, if attendance is higher than 36
1 Flesh & Blood booster

Top-Heavy prizing
2x Flesh & Blood boosters per player added to the pool

Random prizing
2x Teklo Core (Cold Foil)

1x Teklo Core (Cold Foil)
1x Ironsong Versus playmat

2nd Place prizing
1x Ironsong Versus playmat