Netrunner Game Night Kit

Netrunner Game Night Kit

netrunner game night kit september
Date and time
Entry fee

Take the first step on the road to nationals, or just come down and enjoy some casual competition. It’s time for another Netrunner GNK! With the recent release of The Automata Initiative, and the rotation of some old favourite cards, now is the perfect time to try out different strategies and find new combos and tricks. The event will be super casual, with 3 or 4 rounds of swiss (depending on numbers) and prizes for everybody.

Format NSG Standard with latest ban list
Registration 11:00
Player Meeting 11:30


Prize Structure

Pick of a playlet of alternate art cards from the big box of promos

Top 8
3x Midnight-3 Arcology full-bleed cards (art by Emilio Rodriguez)

Top 4
3x Jailbreak full-bleed cards (art by David Lei)

Top 2
Zahya + Tāo (art by Benjamin Giletti) and Precision Design + Built to Last (art by Emilio Rodriguez)

Limited edition Orca playmat