Weiss Schwarz September Euro League

Weiss Schwarz September Euro League

weiss schwarz euro league september
Date and time
Entry fee

2023 welcomes the Euro League back to your LGSs! 

English ban list for English exclusive titles (the english-only ones), Japanese ban list for every other title.

To be eligible for prizes/invites/points, you must be registered on the Euro League website
and provide your WScode from it upon entering an event.
The name you enter with, should match the name you've signed upto the site with.

(If you are unregistered, we may still allow you to enter, but you'll be removed from the final standings when we calculate the points.)

Format NEO Standard
35-minute, best-of-one rounds

Points are to be calculated based on the official outline


Player Meeting 18:30
Please purchase your ticket in person, on the day of the event.


Prize Support

1 Standard-price booster 
This can be held until a later date, and can be upgraded to a premium booster

Top-heavy Prizing
1 Standard-price booster per 6 players in the event