New Releases 1st November 2021

Board Games New Releases

The Loop

This new cooperative game puts you against the evil Dr. Faux who has created duplicates of himself across space and time. Players are Temporal Agents tasked to collect powerful artifactss to help restore balance! There is 4 different game modes to play through, giving lots of different challenges and replay value to the game.

Players: 1-4, Play Time: 45 Minutes+, Age: 12+

Wild Space

Wild Space is a tactical card game where you play against each other to become the wealthiest explorer. Build clever combos to help build your crew and with each new card added to your collection, you'll reinforce your crew, earn credits and prepare for your next combo. With a short play time and assessable rules, this should be an easy game to pick up straight out of the box and play.

Players: 1-5, Play Time: 15 Minutes+, Age: 10+

Tyrants of the Underdark Dungeons and Dragons (2021)

The new edition of Tyrants of the Underdark is here. Throughout the game, build your deck to recruit drow, dragons, cultists and demonic minions, to utilise them to defeat enemy troops or infiltrate and control your opponent's strongholds. Take your place as leaders of a drow house and fight for control of the Underdark. This new 2021 edition of the game includes the Aberrations & Undead expansion.

Players: 2-4, Play Time: 90 Minutes, Age: 14+


Create the most harmonious ecosystem as you combine together habitats and wildlife. In each turn, select a tile/token set and place each into your expanding ecosystem. Earn points by fulfilling wildlife goals and create the largest habitat corridor.

Players: 1-4, Play Time: 30 Minutes+, Age: 10+

Epic Card Game Ultimate Storage Box

Do you like the Epic Card Game and own all the expansions but got no where to put everything? Well look no further then this Ultimate Storage Box! This sturdy box is large enough to hold every Epic card sleeved as well as a playmat. It also comes with foam blocks and dividers to keep your cards in place as well as store by set or alignment. This box also comes with the Ultimate Card Pack that contains 12 new cards too!

Card Game New Releases

Vampire: The Masquerade- Rivals: Blood & Alchemy Expansion

The first expansion for Vampire the Masquerade Rivals is here. This expansion adds two new clans, Tremere, who are masters of Blood Sorcery and can draw incredible power from their blood, and Thin-Bloods who must mix a plethora of chemicals with their blood to extract power from it, to the game. This can be played on it's own with players going head-to-head with the 2 pre-constructed decks or be mixed with the core game to create new and exciting decks.

Players: 2-4, Play Time: 30 Minutes+, Age 14+

Games Workshop New Releases

Kill Team Chalnath - Out Saturday 6th November

This new Kill Team expansion brings the T'au Empire and Adepta Sororitas against each other. This new big box offers both armies along with new terrain pieces, game board, new rules, datacards, and background tables for both the Adepta Sororitas Novitiate and T'au Pathfinder Kill Teams, as well as a host of additional special rules and missions set in this war zone.

Aeronautica Imperialis Thunderhawk Gunship & Fire Raptor Squadron - Out Saturday 6th November

Finally the Thunderhawk is available in plastic and ready to protect the skies in your next Aeronautica Imperialis game. Also joining the fight with the Thunderhawk is the Fire Raptor Squadron with it's ability to pound ground targets with hellstrike missiles or perform strafing runs with the avenger bolt cannon. Both of these ships will be avilable to buy from Saturday 6th November.

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