a|state : Nicely, Done

Nicely, Done is a short mission for the new edition of a|state, along with a beautiful primer to the setting of The City.

Mire End is a forlorn place: miles of brick and concrete tenements, all slowly disintegrating. Water covers the streets, the drainage systems destroyed long ago. The damp and rotting lower floors of most buildings are left empty. Denied help by the powerful Three Canals Metropolitan Area from across the Green Canal, Mire End is a place of crime and apathy. There are few jobs aside from menial work in neighbouring burghs. As a result, many in Mire End rely on crime to survive. Petty shopkeepers sell stolen goods, and young toughs collect protection tithes for the Hohler Gang. The Provosts across the canal take a dim view, but there are always customers for the black markets of Mire End.

Reports of child slavery in Mire End have led the group to investigate a woman named Hosanna Nicely…

The new edition of a|state is about a group of determined locals who agree to stand together and help their community. Gameplay regularly zooms in to focus tightly on specific missions like this one.

This mission adapts a classic short scenario from the original a|state.


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