Ashes Reborn: The Breaker of Fate - Deluxe Expansion

Famed Jericho Kill has unlocked the ability to manipulate time itself! She has journeyed into the temporal planes, defeated Phoenixborn from across many timelines and claimed their greatest weapons as her own. She now returns, reborn in fire, and is prepared to turn the path of her own timeline.

Ashes Reborn: The Breaker of Fate gives players an all-new Ashes deck ready to play out of the box, or with which to begin deck-building. It not only introduces a new Phoenixborn and new cards to the game, but also includes ten new Time Magic dice and a stylized deck box which neatly organizes a sleeved Ashes deck, ten dice, and all the tokens from the base set.


1 Jericho - Phoenixborn

10 Time Dice

1 Premium Deck Box

3x Blink

3x Summon Time Hopper

3x Summon Turtle Guard

3x Foresight

3x Accelerate

3x Standard Bearer

3x Swift Messenger

3x Flash Strike

3x Outmatch

3x Stasis

4x Time Hopper

2x Turtle Guard

1x Time Magic Reference Card


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