Painting Competition - Bears of Sheffield

Patriot Games Sheffield presents to you,


Painting Competition.

Why are we doing this?

To help raise awareness and raise funds for Children's Hospital Charity.

How to Enter:

Please note: Stores are selling out quickly of the bears you need to enter, so please take this into consideration. We do not have any Bears at Patriot Games, and you are required to get them from the selected retailers below, registered with Sheffield Children's Charity.


(In Store At: Atkinsons, Cathedral, Crystal Peaks – Information Centre, Sheffield BID shop, Charity Hub, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Clarkson St, Meadowhall, Card zone.)

2. Paint your Bear with a “GEEKY THEME” in mind!

3. Provide 3 Photographs to along with your Preferred Name, Preferred Pronouns and Age.

Closing Date For Entries: 27th August 2021


1 Entry per person, no minimum age.

Conversions / Custom Additions / Mods are welcomed.

Entries must be family friendly, keep it PG.

Must be "GEEKY THEMED" please give your bear a relevant title.

You may share the Social Media posts to gain votes for The Peoples Choice prize.

The 3 Photographs must be taken from 3 different angles to show the best of your entry.

Winners will be required to physically hand in their entries so we can properly photograph them, however, they will be returned.

Please note: By entering the competition you give permission for the details you provide to be used on our social media. If you are under 12 years of age you must get a parent to email over your entry and give their permission for your details to be shared, this doesn't stop parents from entering separately.


(We will announce the details of each prize shortly.)

1st Place

Runner Up

1st Place (Under 12’s) 

Please note: These prizes will be solely Judged by an Independent Panel of Judges. (Game Designers / Game Influencers) 

The Peoples Choice

Please note: This prize will be solely Judged by Social Media Votes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We encourage you to share our post (not your entry) as far as you can so that there are more people to vote!

Closing Date For Entries: 27th August 2021

Children's Hospital Charity: 

We do have a charity collection bucket arriving shortly in store, we will update you when this has arrived.

The Bears of Sheffield - TCHC: Raising Money for the Children's Hospital

Purchase Online - The Children's Hospital Charity's Shop – The Children's Hospital Charity's Shop (

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